Starter Kit

Are you just starting your own Herd?

We don't just sell you the animals; we're here to help you after you make your purchase.  We'll help you put together a Starter Kit to get up and running.  Here are some things you'll need:

  • A book on the care and feeding of alpacas.
  • A bale of hay.  Each alpaca will eat about 2 bales a month
  • A bag of feed supplement.  Each alpaca will eat about a cup each day.
  • A halter and lead.
  • Neonatal supplies for your crias.
  • A pair of leather work gloves.
  • A shovel and a pitch fork.
  • Shears for trimming toenails.
  • Our phone number.  We don’t stop caring about our animals after they’re sold.

We’ll also help you figure out such things as fencing, catch pens, waste disposal, tooth and nail trimming, and so on.

You can take your new alpacas home immediately. Or you can board your animals with us for up to 3 months, and we'll waive our $3/day boarding fee while you set up your shelter and pasture. 

The most important thing you'll take home is our phone number. We're here to help you at birthing time, and at any other time you have a question or concern. We can help you decide what to feed, and when. We have an annual shearing, and we invite you to bring your animals and be a part of it.

We're serious about alpacas.

And we love to introduce other folks to the joys and satisfactions of alpaca ownership.

© Gordon Muirhead 2013